(9)Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lost Lake

Pages: 304
Publication Date: January 21, 2014

First of all I want to congratulate Sarah Addison Allen on her victory over breast cancer and I am so glad that you are back, better than ever with a new book!

Lost Lake is a book about healing women.  First there is Kate, after a year of being "asleep" following the death of her husband she is finally awake and ready to be a mother to her daughter, Devin. While in the process of packing up things to move in with her Mother-in-Law, Cricket, Devin and Kate find a postcard from her Aunt Eby.  The postcard brings back fond memories of a summer spent at Lost Lake, the resort that Eby and her late husband, George owned.  So on the way to her Cricket's, Kate and Devin take a detour, to Lost Lake.

Lost Lake and Eby are still there, but Eby has just agreed to sell Lost Lake to a developer.  Ever since her husband passed away, her heart really hasn't been into running the place and with the dwindling number of guests, she decides it is time to let go.  Much to the dismay of her best friend and chef, Lissette.  The arrival of Kate and Devin breath a little life back into the old resort, but is it enough to keep Eby from selling the place to developers?

In the fashion readers have come to expect, Sarah Addison Allen has written another magical little novel full of wonderfully quirky characters.  You will find characters such as Lissette, the French chef who cannot speak, Selma the aging femme fatale that collects husbands like most women collect jewelry, I cannot forget Wes, the boy that made that summer so magical for Kate, and of course there is Billy , the alligator. Combined they are a cast of characters that transport you to another time and another place. I think what I enjoyed most about this book is that so many of the characters were healing and you could see their progress as the story progressed.  Obviously there was Kate and Eby healing from the loss of their husbands.  Lissette was still healing after a tragedy that happened many, many years ago.  Even the quirky guests were healing in their own ways. It made me think of the healing the author has gone through herself over the last few years while battling cancer.

Bottom line, Lost Lake was everything we have come to expect from Sarah Addison Allen and more.  Sweet, funny, and especially magical.  A wonderful novel that will put a smile on your face and in your heart.

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