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(8)Mercy Snow by Tiffany Baker

Mercy Snow

Pages: 368
Publication Date:  January 14, 2014

In Titan Falls, New Hampshire the Snow family has a certain reputation that dates back decades.  The little town thought they had gotten rid of the final Snow when old Pruitt Snow died a while back, but one day a beat up old RV rolls into town and out to Devil's Creek Slide with Mercy, Hannah, and Zeke Snow.  They have nowhere else to go and hope that the old family homestead will be the home they have all longed for during their nomadic life.

As owners of the town's only mill and main source of income for Titan Falls residents, The McAllister family has ruled little Titan Falls for decades.  Cal often serves as an default mayor, just as his father did before and his wife June acts as the glue for the Titan Falls social scene.   A tragic bus accident that kills a young girl and injures many students from Titan Falls.  The town is an uproar and believe that Zeke Snow caused the accident , but without proof, the local law enforcement can't do anything, but harass the Snows with the hopes they will just leave Titan Falls for good.    The McAllisters know that Zeke had nothing to do with the accident, but they will do everything to make sure the real cause of the accident will never come to light.

Mercy Snow is a book about a little town with big secrets.  I found myself really liking Mercy and I wanted her to be accepted and welcomed.  I adored the sharp witted little Hannah and I adored the fact that she was a reader. My heart even ached for her when June McAllister was playing her little mind games with Hannah. At first I despised June McAllister and everything I stood for, until I realized that she just got swept up in the life that comes from being "royalty" in a small town.  I also enjoyed Hazel, the shepherd who hired Mercy to look after her herd of sheep.  I loved the fact that she was willing to give Mercy a chance, but was disappointed when she allowed herself to be manipulated by June.  The end of the book is not one I expected, but it played out nicely. Not forced or fake.

Bottom line, Mercy Snow is a great read.  I loved the scenery, the characters, and even the misguided people of Titan Falls. There are so many layers to the characters and the story that it makes for a very engrossing read.  Engrossing reads are exactly what you need to pass a winter day, right?


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