(5)In the Blood by Lisa Unger

Monday, January 13, 2014

In the Blood

Pages: 352
Publication Date: January 7, 2014

Lana Granger is an expert at keeping secrets.  She keeps secrets from her roommates, from her psychologist, from her adviser, and even from herself.   Lana has a really dark past that she really wants to stay in the past.  Her life becomes even more complicated when her roommate and potential love interest, Beck goes missing.  Lana is the last person to see Beck, so the pressure she is under is nearly crushing.  Then there is the troubled little boy, Luke,  that she watches after school everyday. His behavior issues have gotten him into some serious trouble, but there is something about him that reminds Lana of herself when she was the same age. .   When Luke sends Lana on a twisted scavenger hunt, she realizes that her past is not nearly as secret as she wants it to be and that there may be a connection between her past, her missing friend, and Luke.

In the Blood is one of those psychological thrillers that sucks you in almost from the very first page.  Lana Granger is such a complex character that is is a little bit scary to get inside her head.  Lana offers you bits and pieces of her history, like her father killed her mother and is on death row.  And that she does not go by her given name. Just enough information to think you understand her, but you realize that you really don't know her at all.  There were a few times throughout the book where I wondered if Lana DID do something to Beck and even worse, I found myself wondering if it was LANA who murdered her mother and her father just took the blame for his child.   But as the story unfolds the author gives you enough clues that maybe you will figure out some of the twists and maybe you won't.  The BIG twist I had started to piece together, but not in it's entirety and I was still pretty blown away by the events as the unfolded.  Sorry to be vague, but this is not one book I want to spoil for you!

Bottom line, if you like dark psychological thrillers with an amazing twist, you have to give Lisa Unger a shot.  This author is so talented and will take you on so many twisty turns while reading In The Blood you will find your head spinning.  Great book!

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