(98)Cover of Snow by Jenny Milchman

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cover of Snow

Pages: 336
Publication Date: January 5, 2013

When Nora Hamilton woke up that morning she had no idea that her life was going to be forever changed.  The night before with her husband, Brendan,  had been practically magical.  But her world is shattered when she discovers that Brendan committed suicide sometime in the night. After Nora starts to come out of the daze she starts questioning why Brendan would do such a horrible thing. What was so bad that he didn't see any other way? Well it isn't long before Nora's questions start stirring up problems, especially with his colleagues at the police department.  When her questions start hitting a little too close to home, a lot of things start happening.  Like unexplained fires.  Will Nora ever find out why Brendan killed himself and if she does, at what cost ?

I gotta be honest, I was a little disappointed.  The blurb compared the author to Gillian Flynn and other bestselling suspense novelists so I went into this book with really high expectations.  Cover of Snow had it's moments of suspense, but generally I kept thinking "isn't it over yet?"  There were a few plot twists that were predictable and some that were surprising, but nothing as jaw-dropping as what I was expecting or hoping for.  There were a few moments when Nora was dealing with her grief that I got a bit emotional. My husband has been out of town for just over two weeks and I am losing my mind. I can only imagine the feelings of lonliness and loss that a survivor of suicide goes through. The people of Nora's community have a pretty big role in this novel, even the eccentric ones, but keep your eyes on Brendan's mother.  She is an odd one.

Bottom line, I need to be clear that Cover of Snow was not a BAD book, the author painted a great picture of winter in the Adirondacks, but  it just didn't live up to my high expectations once compared to Gillian Flynn.   If you are looking for a mystery that isn't too dark or twisty, then Cover of Snow might be for you.

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