Wednesday, October 30, 2013

(87)A Nantucket Christmas by Nancy Thayer

A Nantucket Christmas

Pages: 224
Publication Date: October 29, 2013

Can you believe that Christmas books are already hitting the bookstore shelves? It is hard to believe that it is that time of year again, but here it is upon us!

In A Nantucket Christmas Nancy Thayer takes us back to the beautiful island of Nantucket.  We meet Nicole and her new husband, Sebastian.  Both have been married before, but Sebastian is the only one of the two to have had children with his first wife.  Even though Nicole has only met Sebastian's daughter once, she is both excited and apprehensive about having the high-maintenance  Kennedy and her young family for Christmas. When Kennedy arrives and starts making incredible demands (even for a pregnant woman), Nicole finds it hard to hold on to her "good will towards man."  And then the ex-wife shows up making it an even more awkward situation.  Will Nicole make it through the holidays?  And will her marriage survive the stress of it all?

A Nantucket Christmas was a really cute book and a super fast read.  And I predict that in the not too distant future it will be a really cute holiday movie, too.  I have always enjoyed Nancy Thayer's picturesque world of Nantucket  and I was beyond excited when I heard that she was writing a Christmas novel.  Trust me, she did not disappoint, from her words I imagine Nantucket just as perfect in winter as in summer. Nicole is a great character and her warmth and genuine spirit radiates off of the pages.  She is the kind of person that I want to be my friend.    I want to warn you though, there is an abandoned puppy dog featured in the book and his story can be a bit tough to read, especially if you have a soft spot for critters.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a book to get you ready for the upcoming holiday season, then A Nantucket Christmas is definitely a must read for you.  Nancy Thayer is guaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit like no other!


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