Monday, October 14, 2013

(83)The Rosie Project by Graeme Simison

The Rosie Project

Pages: 304
Publication Date: October 1, 2013

Socially awkward, thirty-nine year old genetics professor, Don Tillman has decided that it is time he find a life partner.  He undertakes his "wife project" in the same manner he undertakes every project, with methodical precision.  He even created a sixteen page questionnaire to help weed out the less than desirable candidates. When his best friend fellow professor, Gene, sends Rosie his way Don is mortified.  Rosie most certainly does not meet his criteria, but there is something about her that enchants Don, a man not used to having emotions. Don decides that even though Rosie does not qualify for "The Wife Project" he will help her find her biological father with "The Father Project".  In the process Don's perfectly ordered world is challenged in ways he never though possible.  And to his surprise he finds that he rather enjoys Rosie and her chaotic ways of life. Will Don be able to help Rosie find her biological father?  Will Don be able to look past Rosie's "faults" and find out love is more than just an emotion?

The Rosie Project is one of those laugh out loud books that will enchant you.  To say that Don Tillman is "quirky" is a great understatement.  Fans of Sheldon Cooper and The Big Bang Theory will recognize the regimented schedule that rules Don's life.  From his weekly meal schedule to his workouts and even their trip to New York City, he has every minute of his life scheduled so as to not waste time.  Watching Rosie disrupt his schedule and his world is really quite amusing. I think that I most enjoyed their trip to New York City and watching Don give up that schedule for just a few days was entertaining.   Even though I found Don's personality entertaining, there were times that I found myself getting bored with the endless details of his life. It wasn't enough to prevent me from liking the book, just mildly annoying.

Bottom line, The Rosie Project was a really cute and entertaining novel.   Don, like Sheldon Cooper, is one of those characters that you are either going to love or going to hate.  Watching his relationship with Rosie blossom was sweet, heartwarming, and quite humorous.  If you are looking for a little lighter fare, check out The Rosie Project, you won't regret it, I promise!


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