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(61)Time Flies by Claire Cook

Time Flies

Publication Date:  June 11, 2013
Pages: 320

Melanie left her hometown and family and friends a million years ago when she followed her high school sweetheart turned husband, Kurt, to Atlanta for his career.   Atlanta is where they raised their family and made their life. Flash forward many, many years.  Kurt has left Melanie for a much younger woman named Crissy and Melanie has discovered a talent for making metal sculptures.  Now it is time for their class reunion and Melanie is debating whether or not she wants to go home and face the classmates who have always known her as the Melanie portion of "Kurt and Melanie."   She lets her bestie, BJ, talk her into attending, but she is scared to face her classmates(including Kurt), her friends, and her estranged sister who still lives in their hometown.  Will the trip down memory lane help her let go of the past or confuse things even more?

Being this is the year of my 20th high school reunion I really enjoyed Melanie's trip down memory lane. While I suspect that Melanie is a bit older than me, I enjoyed all of her references to the 80's.  Not to mention the fun she had with BJ.  From driving the Mustang, to sitting on the small balcony of their hotel room, to calling each other Romy & Michelle or Thelma & Louise, I loved their relationship and I know a lot of women can relate to that kind of relationship. The whole Kurt/Finn/Ted thing didn't really hold my interest, but I was willing to get through it to read more "girl time" with BJ & Melanie.  And Melanie's sister??  What a witch!  That is all I will say about that...

Bottom line, Time Flies is a quick read that I could easily relate to as my own class reunion looms on the near horizon.  If you are looking for a fun book to take you down memory lane, then you must ad Time Flies to your Summer reading list.


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