Monday, June 3, 2013

(46)The Doll by Taylor Stevens

The Doll 

Publication Date: June 4, 2013
Pages: 352

Sometimes you need to read a really fast paced thriller to "cleanse" you pallet.  A real escape from your everyday life and standard novels that you read.  Taylor Stevens is a pro at the fast paced thriller.  Her newest novel, The Doll, finds Vanessa "Michael" Munroe in a very precarious situation.

Michael was kidnapped right off of her motorcycle in the middle of Houston.  She wakes up a few days later to find herself in Croatia at the mercy of a man who is demanding something of her.  He  has very precious cargo, a kidnapped socialite, Neeva,  that he needs Michael to deliver to the man who paid for his "doll".  And to insure that Michael will comply he has taken Logan hostage and has killed Noah.  When Bradford and their team in Houston rescues  Logan, they instead take her niece, Alexis.  Michael is ready to put this game to an end.  She is not about to turn Neeva over to the "Doll Maker" and she is not about to see another loved one of hers die.  In a fast paced trail through Europe, Michael and Neeva race against time and the "Doll Maker" .  Will they be able to escape the bad guys without losing another loved one?  Or will the "Doll Maker" get the doll he paid for?

Flashing between Europe and Texas, The Doll shows  us the battle on both sides of the ocean. Bradford's desperate attempts to rescue Michael's loved ones, hoping that their efforts will help Michael escape in Europe.  Taylor Stevens also did a great job at exposing the horrible injustice that is human trafficking.  Human trafficking is a very real thing that happens all over the world, even the United States, yet it is not really something you see on the nightly news.   With each book that Taylor Stevens writes, she unveils a little bit more about the person that is Vanessa "Michael" Munroe.  She is such a complex, layered character, that I like a little bit more with each passing chapter.  Her interaction with Neeva in this novel revealed even more of her character and I really, really liked those interactions.

Bottom line, Taylor Stevens is an amazing author.  Many people, including myself, have compared her to Steig Larsson, and it is true.  Her characters are dark, their histories define who they are, and their situations are scary.  If you are looking for a fast paced thriller to pass the Summer days, then you must read The Doll. It is not one to miss!


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