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(40)The Glass Wives by Amy Sue Nathan

The Glass Wives

Pages: 304
Publication Date: May 14,2013

Evie Glass has reluctantly adjusted to life as a divorced woman. Her ex, Richard, married the woman he had an affair with, Nicole, and they share custody of their twins, Sam and Sophie.  It is not the most ideal way to raise children, but they have figured out how to make it work.  Until Richard is killed in a tragic accident.

The Glass Wives starts with Evie and her family sitting Shiva at the home Richard shared with Nicole and their son, Luca.  As much as Evie wants to shut Nicole out of their lives, the twins have gotten rather attached to their little brother and are not about to let her write him out of their lives. The coming weeks are rough on all of them, Evie's concern about their financial stability forces her to do the unconventional and she invites Nicole and Luca to move into their home.  They have settled into an uncomfortable "normal", but when Evie discovers that Nicole has her own plans to secure her future, well, it causes Evie to rethink their "new normal".  Will Nicole's act shatter their fledgling little family or will Evie be able to forgive yet again?

When you think about it, the concept behind The Glass Wives is so unique, really, could YOU imagine inviting the woman who broke up your marriage to live with you after the death of her husband, your ex-husband? Evie's two closest friends Beth and Laney think that she has lost her ever-lovin mind and don't waste any opportunity to let her know it, too.  And maybe she has, but I can totally understand that she felt it was really her only option. I can also understand her desire to give her twins whatever they need in order to help heal, but to invite "the other woman" into her home, I just don't know if I could be so generous. There is also a "betrayal" that comes to light with Evie's friend that causes Evie to question the black & white of her life,  it is a nice subplot in a story that touches the heart.

Bottom line, The Glass Wives is a very well written novel about two women and one man. Forgiveness, healing, and sacrifice are all themes you will find in this novel. I found myself feeling empathy and compassion for both women and I found myself wanting a "happy ever after" for both women. That is never a bad thing, right?


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