Monday, February 4, 2013

(10)Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster

Here I Go Again

Publication Date: January 29, 2013
Pages: 320

Everyone had a "Lissy Ryder" at their high school.  The "popular" girl who was the trendsetter and tended to be on the bitchy side.  Lissy Ryder is getting ready for her 20th Class Reunion when her life starts to fall apart.  She gets fired and her high school sweetheart, Duke, has asked her for a divorce.  Even though her life seems to be falling apart, Lissy is confident that her life is still better than her classmates.  Until she starts to Google and discovers that many of them are living the high life.

Lissy goes to her class reunion with her BFF, Nicole and decides to approach some of her "better off" classmates with her idea for a new business, only to find out that they all hate her. HATE HER.  The realization that she is not as beloved as what she thought rocks her to her core.   The morning after the class reunion Lissy finds herself  in the home of Deva (used to be Debbie) a woman who grew past Lissy's incessant teasing to build a New Age empire.  She decides it is time to help Lissy learn the error of her ways and gives Lissy a chance to "do over" her high school years.  The next morning she wakes up to find herself back in 1991 -- looking at herself through adult eyes, Lissy realizes how much of a monster that she really was back then and she sets out to rectify some of her mistakes.  But will it be enough?

My twentieth class reunion is coming up this year *gulp* so I found myself imagining my classmates and what our reunion will look like.  I also found myself LOVING all of Lissy's pop culture reference from my high school days. As usual with anything Jen Lancaster writes, I found myself laughing out loud many times.  She created this horrible character,  Lissy, that at first I just wanted to slap sill.  But the change in Lissy was pretty noticeable and drastic and done in such a humorous way, it only accentuates the talents of Jen Lancaster.

Bottom line - Jen Lancaster has once again written a novel that is both funny and reflective at the same time. She did an excellent job of transferring the reader back to the 90's - an era that many of us remember well. Fans of Jen Lancaster (and aren't we all?) will love and appreciate her latest effort.  The humor, the characters and the flashbacks all make Here I Go Again a must read!


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