Wednesday, October 24, 2012

(142)The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury

The Bridge

Publication Date: October 23, 2012
Pages: 272

While I love my nook I will always have a soft spot in my heart for bookstores.  Even before I worked at one I could lose myself for hours in the stacks and after I started working at "Fox Books" (props if you get that movie reference) I really felt like I had found my "home"- a community of people who shared a love for books.

The Bridge is a book where the main characters is a bookstore called The Bridge.  Set in Tennessee, The Bridge has been a  meeting place for many a young couple over the last thirty years.  Molly Allen and Ryan Kelly nurtured their budding relationship by meeting at The Bridge during college and it was very easily the best two years of Molly's life, but they were just from two different worlds.  Flash forward several years and the owners of The Bridge, Charlie and Donna Barton,  have fallen on hard times and are about to lose everything that they have worked so hard for, including the bookstore.  Both Molly and Ryhan feel compelled to return to Franklin to help the Barton's, but doing so comes at great emotional risk for Molly.  What if she runs into Ryan? Will they be able to put the past aside in order to help the Barton's?

Just in time for the Holiday book season, The Bridge is a sweet and heartwarming novel about the impact a place like a bookstore can make on your life.  We all should be so lucky to have a place like The Bridge in our lives.  I enjoyed all of the characters in the story, but I was a bit irritated by Molly's timid nature, just because I don't like the way she handled her father's meddling.  At the beginning of her new book, The Bridge, prolific Christian Fiction author, Karen Kingsbury, gives props to not only bookstores, but booksellers. And that means a lot to folks like me.  It is nice to feel appreciated by the authors whose work we sell.

Overall, the Winter weather we have been having, really  put me in the mood for my first "Christmas" book of the season.  The Bridge was a quick, feel-good read that has me nostalgic for family holidays and the BN crew at Zona Rosa.  If you have ever had a bookstore in your life that felt like home, then you must run out and read The Bridge.


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