Saturday, October 13, 2012

(134)From Notting Hill with Love....Actually by Ali McNamara

From Notting Hill with Love..Actually

Publication Date: 10/1/2012
Pages: 448

Okay - admit it - raise your hand if you have watched movies such as Sleepless in Seattle, Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, and Love Actually more than once? How many lines can you recite from each movie?  Any self respecting woman with basic cable has wasted at least one weekend afternoon zoning out with Chick Flicks, I mean how can you NOT put down the remote control when you come across Meg Ryan's smile or Hugh Grant's twinkling eyes.   If you enjoy Chick Flicks, then you will love this book!

Obviously Scarlett O'Brien was destined to be a movie lover from birth.  After her mother left Scarlett and her father they escaped their reality by going to the movies.  They even own a company that sells and services popcorn machine.  Now Scarlett is a grown adult and engaged to marry a man who owns the largest chain of movie theaters in the UK. A match made in heaven, right?  Well, Scarlett starts having doubts when she realizes that her relationship does not make her feel as warm and fuzzy as the fake relationships in the movies make her feel. When the opportunity arises for her to house sit in the famed Notting Hill, she jumps at the chance to take a break from her fiance for a minute.  Scarlett uses the time apart to meet new people and even start searching for her absent mother.  The time away from David gives her a little perspective on life and their relationship.  Will she return home and marry the "safe guy" or will she fall for her handsome neighbor in Notting Hill?

From Notting Hill with Love...Actually is a super cute book.   Quotes from all of your favorite Chick Flick movies are rampant in this book. The characters are colorful and fun. In my mind as I was reading, I was envisioning how it would be staged on the big screen.  Admittedly there were parts of the book that were a  bit predictable, but then again, aren't most Chick Flicks?

Bottom line, I don't think there are many, if any women out there who has not sat through one kind of heartwarming Chick Flick or another.  If you like Chick Flicks, you will love this book. All of the references to the movies really make the story feel really close to home. You can relate to Scarlett's love of movies and desire to find her "happily ever after" as before the credits role.  What is your favorite Chick Flick? I guarantee it is mentioned in From Notting Hill with Love...Actually.


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