Wednesday, May 2, 2012

(61)Nearlyweds by Beth Kendrick


Publication Date: November 1, 2006
Pages: 352

What would you do if you found out that your marriage was invalid due to a paperwork glitch?  Think about that for a minute. You find out that you are not LEGALLY married to your spouse.  Would you rush right down to the courthouse to rectify the situation? Or would you use it as a "get out of jail free" card?

That is the dilemma facing three Newlyweds.  Stella, Erin, and Casey have all discovered that the minister who married them has passed away before signing and filing their marriage certificates.  But since the wedding, Stella has discovered her older (much older) husband doesn't want more children.  He told her he had a vasectomy on their wedding night.  Erin's overbearing mother-in-law has moved into the new home she shares with her husband, and Casey's husband spends all of his time pretending that he is not married.   When the three friends discover that their marriages are not yet legal, they start to rethink their decision to get married in the first place.  Will they make the right decisions?

First of all  I want to get this out of the way  that I know the author doesn't have much control (if any) over the artwork - but the dog in this book is a Great Dane.  Does that look like a Great Dane to you?

Next I want to say, as a newlywed (is 2.5 years considered "newlywed?) that I had nightmares about this very topic in the weeks after my wedding.  Our officiant was a friend of mine from the bookstore and  we were her very first wedding ever.  (Love you, Ginny!!!) And since we moved three states away three days after the wedding, I really stressed about it until I had the official, embossed certificate in my newly married hands.   Would I have re-married my husband if there HAD been a glitch, of course.  But if I had a MIL as annoying as Erin's I might have thought twice about it.

Bottom line, Nearlyweds is a cute novel about every newlywed woman's worst nightmare. LOL.  It was actually quite humorous and I found myself laughing quite a bit. The characters are fun and their situations are not all that unique, but the way that they handle the situation they are put in is somewhat unique.  It was a fun book and well worth the read.


Mimi said...

I have to admit two things here: 1) I never worried about that at all, gulp. 2) it bugs me when the covers aren't aligned with the text. Another good example is "The Art of Racing in the Rain"

This one looks good, thank you!

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

You are welcome!

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