Sunday, March 18, 2012

(35)Ten Beach Road by Wendy Wax

Ten Beach Road

Publication Date: May 3, 2011
Pages: 432

It is getting to be that time of year where  Summer thoughts and Beach reads are starting to clutter my thoughts. I have been fighting a major case of Spring Fever for a few weeks now and I thought that Ten Beach Road would be a good way to assuage my longings for warm weather and sandy beaches.

Ten Beach Road is another book to take it's plot from the Wall Street headlines of Ponzi schemes. This time the villain's name is Malcolm Dyer.  He has bilked a lot of people out of millions of dollars.  This story focus's on three women. Maddie, whose husband lost his job, and their money, for recommending Dyer to his company & customers.  Avery is a recently divorced HGTV star who lost all of her inheritance money to the sleazebag, and there is Nikki.  A matchmaker to the wealthy who lost all of her money to Malcolm.  Only Malcolm is also her brother.   The three women find out that the only thing left for them is Malcolm's battered mansion along the Florida Coastline.  As is, the mansion will only bring in a couple of million dollars, but fully restored, it might bring in closer to a much needed five or six million dollars.   The three strangers agree to stay in the mansion for a summer and restore her to her regal state with the help of handsome contractor,  Chase.  Will these three women from different backgrounds be able to make it through the summer without killing each other?  And what will happen when the other women find out that Malcolm Dyer is Nikki's brother?

Overall, Ten Beach Road, was the perfect book to go with my "Spring Fever" mentality.  Once I got past the whole, "Could that really happen" aspect of these three women getting possession of Ten Beach Road when there were hundreds of others still waiting for their money.  The descriptions of the historical mansion was enough to satisfy my daily cravings for house porn and the relationship between the three different women was interesting and unique.  I especially loved Maddie and how the Stay-At-Home-Mom had to step up to the plate when her husband's world fell apart.  But each of the three women came out of this experience learning something about themselves.  And I always enjoy those kind of books.

Bottom line, the unseasonably warm weather throughout the country has us all pulling out our flip-flops and margarita glasses.  Ten Beach Road is the perfect book to help you get in that warm weather mentality.


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