Saturday, February 11, 2012

(18) MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche

MWF Seeking BFF
My Yearlong Search for a New Best Friend

Publication Date: December 20, 2011
Pages : 384

Making new friends is hard.  Especially when you have lived in three states in three years.  And are somewhat introverted.  And are considered an outsider in your neighborhood because you own a freaking coffee pot. And work from home.  And when the only other human you see most days is your Husband, (good thing he is cute).

In her debut book, MWF seeking BFF , author Rachel Bertsche explores friendships and the fine art of  making friends and what it takes to find a new BFF.  After moving to Chicago to be with her then-Fiance, Rachel realizes that she has a lot of acquaintances, but no one she can call to dish over the latest episode of Friday Night Lights or go shopping with on a lazy Saturday.  So she starts this quest of finding a new BFF.  She sets up "Friend-Dates" with women she meets everywhere from her Improv class to online "Friending" websites.   Rachel goes everywhere on her "Friend-Dates" - from brunches to museums to dance classes.  She is ready to try it all in the quest for a new BFF.

MWF seeking BFF  was not nearly as "fluffy" as I expected.  The author did an amazing amount of research in her quest to finding a BFF.  There is a lot of statistics and facts and quoting of other books about  friendships between women.  At times it even seems bogs the story down.  Overall I have to commend Rachel and her dedication to finding a new BFF.  There were times when reading all of the "dates" she packed into a day that I thought she was crazy.  It seemed exhausting to me.  While I would like to have a local friend to "hang" with, I am not about to devote the majority of my free time to finding one.  I enjoy my home, I enjoy my family, and there are times I even enjoy my solitude.

Bottom line is that MWF Seeking BFF is an interesting read that I think a  lot of women would find interesting.  It is human nature to want friends and a BFF to hang out with on those days that you just need to get away from your family.  If you are one of those millions of women out there who find it hard to meet new friends, Rachel's book offers a lot of suggestion on how to meet a new BFF.


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