Tuesday, November 29, 2011

(174)You're (Not) The One by Alexandra Potter

You're (Not) the One

Publication Date: November 29, 2011
384 Pages

So what happens when "The One" turns out to not be "The One"?  Let's ask Lucy Hemingway.  She was eighteen years old when she spent the Summer in Venice and met Nate Kennedy.  That Summer was a "Summer of Love".  After hearing a legend about the Bridge of Sighs, Lucy and Nate are bound and determined to let the Legend work for them.  They kiss under the bridge while hearing bells and believe that it means that they are destined to be together forever.

Flash forward ten years.  Lucy and Nate have lost touch, but Lucy still believes that Nate is "THE One.  She has moved to New York City to work for an art gallery.  She is sent on an assignment to deliver artwork to a wealthy patron, Nate Kennedy.  After a week-long romance, Lucy finally comes to the realization that Nate is an insufferable cad.  She is ready to be done with him and move on to someone else.  Except for the fact that Nate is everywhere she turns.  From the Sushi restaurant to the flight to Martha's Vineyard, he is EVERYWHERE.  Is getting rid of "The One" really that hard to do?  Apparently so.  Will Lucy ever get rid of Nate and find true love?  Or is Nate REALLY "The One".

You're (Not) The One was a really unique Chick Lit.  Every single girl is out there looking for "The One".  Lucy thought she had "The One"  when she found Nate, but like happens to so many of us, her illusions were shattered.  While a bit long at times, You're (Not) the One was funny and entertaining.  Everything we want out of a good Chick Lit novel!


Lisa Mandina said...

I saw this at the bookstore the other day and thought it sounded good. Your review makes me even more interested in reading it!

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