Sunday, October 30, 2011

(170)Reality Jane by Shannon Nering

Jane Kaufman is minding her own business working on a news show in her homeland of Canada when a friend she met on vacation informed her of a wonderful career opportunity as a reality television show producer in Hollywood.  Well of course she won't turn down an opportunity like that!

Jane's world is turned completely turned upside down.  Her days are now spent babysitting reality show stars and although she has very little time to date, she finds out the dating world in Hollywood is a million times different than Canada.  Will she ever find true happiness or love in Hollywood?

I will be honest that this was one of those books that was almost painful to get through.  It was really hard to "get into" any of the characters, specifically Jane. Her choice in men, time after time, proved to be bad and I just wanted to scream at her.  You know we all have had that friend with the perpetually broken picker.  Jane seems to be that kind of girl.  Overall, a pretty disappointing book.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to read my book Charlotte. Sorry it wasn't terribly to your liking. Congrats on your nearly 200!
Shannon Nering

Lisa Mandina said...

Interesting, I actually think it sounds like a good book. Did you get it from Netgalley?

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