Thursday, October 6, 2011

(158)LIE by Carloine Bock


Publication Date: August 30, 2011
Pages: 224

Seventeen year old Skylar Thompson is in love.  She was a bit shocked when heartthrob Jimmy chose HER to be his girlfriend. She no longer felt lost after her mother's death, instead she felt loved and cherished.  She would do anything for Jimmy and would do anything to protect him.  

So when she is sitting at the police station being questioned about the events of last Saturday night, she will do what she has to do to protect Jimmy Seeger.  She doesn't talk.  You see last Saturday night Jimmy and his buddy Sean, and Skylar and her BFF Lisa Marie, were together when Sean & Jimmy used a baseball bat get the "beaners".  But that night their hate crime turned into murder. Will Skylar be able to keep quiet and protect Jimmy, or will the truth eventually come out and what will happen to Jimmy if it does?

LIE is a character driven novel.  Each chapter is told from a different perspective.  You get to see all sides of this situation, from the baseball coach to the mother of victims.  You get to see what kind of impact the actions of Jimmy and Sean have on others, not just those directly involved.  I really felt for Skylar, she is feeling trapped by the events.  She knows what happened was wrong, but she is afraid of losing Jimmy and is willing to do anything to protect him.  I was satisfied with the ending and felt that the author really played it out well.  LIE is a great example of "your actions have consequences."  The message is one that I think all teens, heck even some adults, can learn from.


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