Monday, September 26, 2011

(151)It's Classified by Nicolle Wallace

It's Classified

Publication Date: September 27, 2011
336 Pages

It has been almost a year now since I first read, Eighteen Acres.  The novel about President Charlotte Kramer and her first term as President of the United States.

Here we are a year later and the President is divorced from her husband, Peter, and  has been reelected to a second term as President.  Except this time she reached across the aisle to find her Vice President, Tara.  Together, Charlotte hopes that they can unify the great political divide that has torn the country apart. The Vice President has hired Dale Smith, the woman who broke up the President's marriage, to be on her Communications team. And everything is going well, until Dale starts to notice erratic and inconsistent behavior in the Vice President.  She is torn between talking to the President about the behavior and taking the risk of letting the country be run by someone who may or may not have mental issues.  Will she do the right thing?

I really liked Eighteen Acres and was thrilled to find out that there was going to be a sequel, but I am still trying to process how I feel about the Vice President's character.  Here we are on the brink of a Presidential race where there will be more female candidates than ever and the author, a female herself, writes a book where the VP is not only an unmedicated depressed and possibly bipolar woman, but married to a controlling and overbearing man.  I know the book is fictional, but I just think that a lot of old-school male voters out there still feel that the majority of woman are hormonal, emotional messes and this book just perpetuates that myth.

I don't know. I would be really interested in hearing what others think of this book.  Like I said, I really enjoyed Eighteen Acres.  And if Nicolle Wallace continues this series, I will probably read that book, too.  But It's Classified just kind of left a bad taste in my mouth.


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