Monday, July 4, 2011

(99)Creep by Jennifer Hillier

I *LOVE* it when an author writes a twist that is so far away from what I *think* I know. It is very rare that an author can "pull one over" one me. In Creep, Jennifer Hillier has written the type of book that leaves your head spinning at the end and saying "What just happened?"

Dr. Sheila Tao is a tenured professor who has made the fatal mistake of having an affair with one of her Teaching Assistants. After her long term boyfriend, Morris, proposes, Sheila knows she has to break it off with Ethan. What she doesn't know is that Ethan is not as mentally stable as she thought. While she is planning her wedding and hoping that Morris doesn't find out about her affair, Ethan is planning his revenge.

Jennifer Hillier took the song , Creep by Radiohead, and let her imagination run wild.

Let me tell you, her imagination is a very scary place to be. She has done a phenomenal job writing a thriller that everyone will be buzzing about this summer. That twist at the end was so far out of left field, but it worked. It really pulled the story together and just left me stunned. Jennifer Hillier has hit a homerun with her debut novel, people will be craving her next novel the minute they put this one done. Congrats, Ms. Hillier, your "creepy" imagination has just made you a star. Creep is on sale Tuesday and can be found anywhere books are sold.


Lisa Mandina said...

Sounds really good! I'll have to share it with customers looking for a good read.

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