Sunday, July 10, 2011

(105)Sister by Rosamund Lipton

I swear. I didn't know that Sister was a mystery when I decided to read it next.

Beatrice is happily living her life in New York City when she is called home to London when her pregnant sister, Tess goes missing. Bee hurries home to London, desperate to find her sister. It is not long after she returns home that Tess's body is discovered. Even though the police have ruled it a suicide, Bee is convinced otherwise. She goes against everyone and starts her own investigation. Will she find the truth she seeks or will she have to come to terms with what really happened.

I found Sister to be totally engrossing. Bee is so consumed with her grief, she can not even begin to accept the possibility that Tess committed suicide. It was those overwhelming feelings that made this story so engrossing She felt so alone without Tess and then her boyfriend goes back to the States. I really wanted to stick with Bee as she searched and searched for the truth.

Sister is a really good novel, it is more than just a mystery novel, it is a novel about the bond of sisterhood. The bond between sisters can be so strong that not even death can break them. Having a sister myself, I really could relate to Bee's unbreakable belief that her sister did not commit suicide. It was powerful and I would be the same way. I think Sister is a novel that many women can relate to, not because of the mystery, but because we are so close to our sisters.


che said...

This one has been on my wishlist since I read the synopsis on Oprah's Summer Reads List. My TBR pile is getting huge but I think I'm going to cheat and sneak this one in.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I was interested in your comments as this title is on my wishlist.

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