Tuesday, June 21, 2011

(92)Long Gone by Alafair Burke

Honestly, I have never read James Lee Burke, let alone know that he has a daughter that also writes mystery novels. I had the chance to review Alafair Burke's new book, Long Gone, and after reading the synopsis, I jumped at the chance. I was pleasantly surprised by an intelligent, unique mystery novel.

Long Gone is a story of two women that seemingly have nothing in common. Teenager, Becca Johnson, has gone missing from her New England home and in New York City, Alice Humphrey finds herself at the center of a murder investigation involving her new boss, Drew Campbell. Alice regretfully has to go to her famous father to help get her out of this trouble and in the process she discovers a deep dark secret that may be the root of all of her problems? But how does Becca Johnson factor in...?

Long Gone was a fast paced mystery novel. I really enjoyed the characters and the "twist" was unexpected.
I think that Long Gone will be a must read for beach readers. It has all the key components, mystery, intrigue, and a twist that will shock you! I enjoyed it so much, I will certainly keep my eyes open for other books by Ms. Burke.


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