Wednesday, May 11, 2011

(63)The White Devil by Justin Evans

Just in case you didn't know, I am a huge freaking chicken. I have night lights galore, I hide my eyes during scary movies, and I scream when startled. But even knowing how easily I get scared, there are times when I just *love* to be scared. I mean I KNEW Paranormal Activity was a scary movie, yet I couldn't WAIT to watch it with my husband.

The White Devil is an utterly terrifying ghost story. Andrew Taylor is a seventeen year old screw up. His parents have had it with him and have sent him to England to finish his senior year at the 400 year old hallowed Harrow School for boys. From the minute he arrived people commented on his uncanny likeness to the schools famous student of 200 years ago, Lord Byron. They even cast him in the role of Lord Byron in the school play. Then Andrew starts having strange dreams and even when awake he sees things that can not be explained. He starts piecing it together that the man from his dreams and sitings is John Harness. Lord Byron's lover from their time at Harrow. When students start dying and contracting tuberculosis, Andrew realizes that there is a sinister force at work. Will he be able to exorcise the ghost before more of his classmates die? Or will he have to sacrifice himself to appease the wretched ghost of John Harness.

The White Devil is truly a terrifying,Literary ghost story. Justin Evans did a fantastic job of weaving Literary history into his fictional ghost story. It was one of those books that drove me to hit Wikipedia, where I discovered that Lord Byron was a bit of a Lothario. He did have a young lover while attending Harrow, although his name was not John Harness. As the story progressed, I found myself not wanting to put the book down, yet dreading what the next page would bring.

If you love reading about Literary history and are willing to terrify yourself, be sure to pick up The White Devil. It goes on sale today.


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