Saturday, March 26, 2011

(38)Emergency by Neil Strauss

It is no secret that I am a Scaredy Cat. It is something that I willingly confess. It seems like since moving to Wyoming (the land of self-sufficiency) I have been hyper aware of my mortality and how that could be directly related to the inefficiencies of the government.

Couple that with the events in Japan over the last few weeks and our government taking part in yet another military skirmish. Well, I have spent a lot of time contemplating what happens WTSHTF - When The Shit Hits The Fan . I am not the only one. Author Neil Strauss has been thinking about it, too. While I read books survivalists books, Strauss actually goes out and learns how to be a survivalist and writes a book about his experience.

Emergency is the true tales of Neil Strauss as he learns to become self sufficient. He educated himself on how to handle firearms, how to save lives, how to survive in the wilderness just to name a few. He prepared himself and his home for the event of "What if". And in his usual intelligent wit, he has documented it all for us.

I have read books by Neil Strauss before and I have always enjoyed his style of writing. His wit and dedication to the topic at hand has made him one of those authors that I will always enjoy reading. I even read How To Make Love Like A Porn Star. So when I heard he wrote a book about survival, heck yea I will read it! I admit it, I am slowly taking steps to prepare for WTSHTF. I have put together a survival backpack, in it you may find a roll of toilet paper, a bar of soap, flashlights, batteries, glow-sticks, a leash for my dog, a water bowl for my dog, first aid supplies, and the list goes on...

I know there are people out there who may find my need to be prepared a little obsessive, but I would rather be safe than sorry. Do you have a survival kit? What would you recommend I put in ours?


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