Sunday, February 20, 2011

(25)365 Thank Yous by John Kralik

I think that there are no more powerful words in the English language than "Thank You". John Kralick has written a fun little book called 365 Thank Yous illustrating the impact a "Thank You" note can have, not only on the recipient, but on the author, as well.

The year 2007 was not kind to John Kralick, his law firm was struggling, he was overweight, and he was going through an ugly divorce. Right after Christmas he was inspired by a thank you note he had received from an ex-girlfriend. With his life in shambles, he knew that "thank you" notes would be a constant reminder of all the things he had to be thankful for. So he sets a goal. 365 Thank You notes in one year. He gives them to everyone from his Starbucks barista to his doctor.

365 Thank You's is quite the little inspirational book. I received a "thank you" note last week from a friend. The feeling I got when I read her kind words left a warm fuzzy in my heart. I am going to challenge myself, and you, to write at least five, non-expected, "thank you" notes this year. I want to give someone warm fuzzies, too.


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