Wednesday, February 9, 2011

(20) Pictures of You by Caroline Leavitt

Two women, complete strangers, are both running away from home on that fateful day. They did not know each other, but only lived six blocks away from each other. Due to a tragic accident one of those women do not survive. She is killed when the car driven by Isabelle hits and kills her, leaving the survivors forever connected, in ways none of them ever thought possible.

Pictures of You was a splendid novel about connections. In a split second Isabelle killed a woman and is forever connected to that woman's survivors. She is still connected to her husband, the man who has been cheating on her for five years. In an attempt to get back to who she was, she becomes connected to her pet tortoise, Nelson. Some of those connections get stronger and others start to fade, but she will always have those connections.

I really enjoyed Caroline Leavitt's novel, Pictures of You. It was an emotionally engaging read. I grew to be very fond of Isabelle and little Sam. I wanted nothing more than a "happy ever after". They all got their "happy ever after", but not the one I would have chosen. Even though the end was not what I expected, it worked. I was satisfied with the conclusion, even a bit sad to see it end. Well done, Ms. Leavitt. You should be proud of your finely written novel.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE you for this review! Thank you, so, so much.

Caroline leavitt

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

Aww -- you are so very welcome!

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