Thursday, February 3, 2011

(16)There's Cake in my Future by Kim Gruenenfelder

What a delightful Chick Lit novel! I had never read Kim Gruenenfelder before and was pleasantly surprised at her clever new book, There's Cake in my Future.

Nic is getting married and her two best friends, Seema and Melissa are her attendants. She wants her two friends to be as happy as she is, so at her bridal shower she does a "cake pull". Everyone in attendance pulls a piece of ribbon out of the cake with a good luck charm on the end. Nic has it rigged though, she wants Mel to pull the diamond ring charm so her boyfriend of six years will propose, and she wants Seema to pull the chili pepper, hoping that her love life will spice up and her male best friend, Scott, will fall in love with her. Except things don't go as planned and everyone got the wrong charm. Or did they....?

Nic, Mel, & Seema have a strong friendship and that is evident from page one. They have each others backs and are there to help each other no matter what the situation. I think that is what had me liking the book so much. The friendship was genuine and balanced. They didn't give bad behavior a pass in the name of "being supportive", they called each other on their bad behavior without being judgmental or hateful. And throughout the whole book I found myself snorting out loud at things that was being said or done, because it was so real.

There's Cake in my Future is a great girlfriend novel. Nic, Mel, & Seema are three friends who just want to be happy and in love. But if they can't all have that, at least they have each other to get through. This is the perfect book to read and pass on to your BFF, she will thank you for it, I promise!


Lisa Mandina said...

Can't wait to read it!

Brandie said...

Sounds so cute...I definitely want to read this one!

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

It was really, really cute! And I forgot to mention in my review that I TOTALLY new which iCarly episodes that Nic's Step-Daughter was referring to!

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