Monday, January 31, 2011

(13)Save As Draft by Cavanaugh Lee

Ten years ago I did not even own a computer. Ten years ago I did not even own a cell phone. Ten year ago online dating was thought to be taboo and creepy. Now it is 2011 and not only do we have three computers in my home, but our cell phones are portable computers that we never leave home without and texting is more common than phone calls, at last in my marriage. We are more apt to text than we are to actually dial the phone. It is just a sign of the times.

Save as Draft is a novel of those times. Izzy has decided to give online dating a shot. She joins eHarmony and has met a guy that she really connects with, at least through emails. The night before they have their first date Izzy finds herself kissing her best guy friend, Peter. She is so conflicted that she cancels her date with Marty, well , reschedules anyway. Even after an amazing first date Izzy finds herself thinking about Peter. She breaks it off with Marty and finds herself head over heels in love with Peter. Their relationship is on the fast track to a "happy ever after" until Peter's demanding work schedule has him working more and more. Izzy starts to feel neglected and conflicted about their relationship. She is so hurt by Peter's neglect that she is not sure their relationship can survive.

Told in strictly email, text, & twitter format, I am not really sure what to say about Save as Draft. The author took creative liberties with the timeliness of social media such as Facebook & Twitter with her flashbacks, but I let that one go. Overall I really enjoyed the novel. I fell a little in love with Izzy, myself, and I could relate to her frustrations as I have a workaholic husband myself. But, (there is always a but) I was not happy at all with the ending, but I could see where some of you may find it brilliant. I found it completely unfulfilling. I will be interested to hear what you think after you have given it a read. Save As Draft will be on the shelves of your favorite bookstores starting tomorrow.


Shon said...

I am really looking forward to reading this book. I love books written in this format. Hmmm, now you got me curious about the ending. We tend to have similar taste in books, so we'll see with this one. Glad to hear that you still enjoyed it despite its ending. It's definitely on my wish list.

Lisa Mandina said...

I love books written in this format as well, Meg Cabot has several. I will have to put it on my list to read!

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