Sunday, October 17, 2010

(147)The Blessings of Animals by Katrina Kittle

I think that Katrina Kittle has moved to the top of my "favorite author's" list. Her writing has a way of evoking a myriad of emotions. Joy, Sadness, and Confusion, are just a few emotions that bubble to the surface in her book, The Blessings of the Animals.

Vet, Cami, is looking forward to celebrating her birthday with her husband and daughter when she gets called out to an animal rescue. When she gets home she is greeted with her husband's packed car and the announcement that he is leaving her. Even though her family and friends have rallied around her, she seeks solace in the animals. With the help of her friends and family, and the solace of the animals, Cami starts putting her life back together and realizes that her husband leaving her may have been just what she needed to see what her life was missing.

I did not sob like I did while reading Traveling Light, but I admittedly did shed a few tears. Ms Kittle has an amazing talent for capturing emotions on paper. That talent is going to keep Ms Kittle employed for a very long time because I plan on reading everything she ever writes.


Wingnut said...

I was looking for something to put on my blackberry...this fits the bill! I'll let you know what I think :)

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

You should certainly read this book, if not others by Katrina Kittle. I really enjoy her writing.

Wingnut said...

Charlotte...this book just, well, it nailed me. Right from the start. When she goes into that barn in the beginning chapter? As a horse lover, and now owner? Oh dear Lord did I ever lose it! I loved, loved, loved this character, Cami. So brilliantly written. I'm definitely going to seek out Kittle's other books! Thanks *again*!!!

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

So *very* glad you liked it. Try Traveling Light. I sobbed like a baby!

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