Sunday, October 10, 2010

(145) Dewey's Nine Lives by Vicki Myron

The world was first introduced to Dewey Readmore two years ago. We were instantly smitten. Even though I am not really a cat lover, I loved Dewey (my review) because of Vicki Myron's way of accurately depicting small town Iowa life. So I was thrilled to get a chance to review an ARC of Dewey's Nine Lives. Ms. Myron has nailed it again!

So around here, in Iowa farm country, Spencer is large. It's the kind of town people drive to, not through. It's the kind of town where you recognize most of your fellow citizens but don't necessarily know their names.

The same could be said for my hometown, Shenandoah. It makes me nostalgic for the place I grew up.

Dewey's Nine Lives is a little bit different than Dewey. There are a few stories about Dewey and six stories about other cats that have made an impact on the lives of special people. And imagine my surprise when my friend's Grandpa Mullenberg is mentioned in the first chapter. I got so excited that if it weren't 2 AM in Iowa I would have been texting her or calling her! Instead I Facebooked her. Silly isn't it? To get so excited at something like that. I am a true nerd. LOL

Dewey's Nine Lives is a collection of cat stories told by Vicki Myron. Cat lover or not, you would have to have a heart of coal to not be touched by the stories of the cats that touched the lives of others all over the country.


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