Saturday, September 18, 2010

(137)With Friends Like These by Sally Koslow

The gloves come off in Sally Koslow's new book. Friendship can, at times be a dirty, ugly mess. It is only the strongest of friendships that can survive apartment and job poaching. Can the four friends who have been together for almost twenty years survive the decade in New York City?

Quincy, Jules, Chloe, and Talia meet in the 90's when they decide to share a fabulous apartment in New York City. They are about as different as four women can get, but they have stuck together. Until now.

Jules has betrayed Quincy by giving away the details of Quincy's once in a lifetime real estate find. Chloe and Talia are competing for the job of a lifetime, while their kids are competing for a single spot at a prestigious school.

The competition gets ugly and the betrayals cut deeply, but will other life changing events bring them all back together again before the damage is done?

It was a tough week for me to get much reading done, but I hope to remedy that this weekend. I enjoyed With Friends Like These. There were times in the book that I really did not like ANY of the women, well except Quincy, but I could understand each of their motivations behind their actions. It just made it really hard to like them. I was very satisfied with the ending. It brought the closure that I needed to be happy with the book. Overall, a great book about the struggles and rewards that come with long term friendship


Lizz said...

This looks like something I'd pick up at the bookstore! Thanks for the review!

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