Friday, July 30, 2010

(115) The Other Mothers Club by Samantha Baker

Hello. My name is Charlotte and I am an "Other Mother".

What does that mean? Well I am a step-mother. My husband has two kids from his first marriage. After reading The Other Mothers' Club I consider myself lucky to have the stepchildren that I do. My Stepson is JUST like his father in every way I can think of. My Stepdaughter is the sweetest little soul, the ultimate social butterfly. So really the complete opposite of her father and brother. LOL. Of course I have only been an "Other Mother" for seven months, I thank God that I don't have the issues that Eve had to deal with in The Other Mother's Club.

Eve has fallen in love with a famous widower. His late wife chronicled her battle with breast cancer in the most public way possible. It has been a while since her death when Ian asks her out. He is very careful about his children and it is nine months before he introduces Eve to his children. And it was disastrous.

To help cope, Eve's best friend, Clare, suggests she starts a support group for Stepmothers. Hence "The Other Mothers' Club." The support she receives from her new friends help Eve get through those tumultuous early months, but will their friendship be enough to carry her through when she doesn't even have Ian's support regarding certain aspects of their relationship?

I stumbled across The Other Mothers' Club at the library and I am really glad I did. The book is a well written British Chick Lit novel. The characters and their situations are realistically written. I even got leaky eyes towards the end of the novel, but the ending was one that I could live with. Overall, a great novel.


Shon said...

I've been waiting for your review! Glad to hear this is a good read. I saw it when I was at The Strand in NYC and wondered about it. I'll have to check if my library owns a copy.

Meg said...

I enjoyed this one, too, and found Eve's story to be the most compelling one in the novel. The many characters distracted me, though, and I wish we could have cut out some of the lesser plotlines -- like Melanie's, for instance.

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