Sunday, May 16, 2010

(83) My Fair Lazy by Jen Lancaster

I am soooo ready to be done with this Insurance Exam. So many of my favorite my favorite authors have books coming out this Spring. It has been difficult finding time for pleasure reading in between my studying.

I did manage to find time to read Jen Lancaster's new book, My Fair Lazy. I do believe it is the best she has done since Bitter Is The New Black. Not that her other books weren't wonderful, but with My Fair Lazy, my husband actually said to me "You are not hooked up right" when I started laughing so hard I literally had tears running down my face.

The following was said to Fletch, who was wearing an "Old School Conservative" Ronald Reagan t-shirt in the middle of a Howard Dean booksigning.
Drop the magazine, we have to go! I hiss.
What? Why? He asks.
Because we are accidentally committing a hate crime.

I swear to God my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. I love Jen Lancaster. In an industry where being a Liberal is a pretty much given, finding someone who shares my ideology and my sense of humor automatically makes her a Goddess in my eyes. But no worries, unlike other memoirists, Jen does not shove that ideology down your throat.

In her new memoir, Jen is trying grow culturally. She wants to "achieve cultural enlightenment". From trying new restaurants to going to the opera and attending art house plays, Jen is open to just about anything during her hilarious "Jenaissance" and she takes us along for the ride.

If you have not read Jen's books, I encourage you to start with Bitter Is The New Black, just so you can understand Jen's history. But after that there is no need to read them in any order. They will make the perfect beach read or frankly the perfect bathtub read. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy. Your funny bone will thank me.


Scrapbook Obsession said...

I've read all her other books except Pretty in Plaid, and love her style. I share her sense of humor about 100%. I've even re-read her books and I laugh out loud every time. Thanks for the review ... I look forward to reading My Fair Lazy.
aka journey fan from 2peas

Lisa Mandina said...

I am going to HAVE to start reading her books. Maybe my first book purchase for myself next month will be whatever Jen Lancaster's first book was.

Amy B. said...

My library doesn't get her books . . . yet. My Fair Lazy is on it's way (I'm number two on the list!) and I asked for Bitter is the New Black. I'm excited. I love my library. they almost always buy a book when I recommend it. :)

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