Wednesday, April 14, 2010

(69)Looking For A Love Story by Louise Shaffer

Looking For A Love Story by Louise Shaffer was just what I needed. A fun, fluffy Chick Lit story about flawed, yet lovable main character, Francesca.

Francesca is a neurotic, newly divorced woman with a major case of writers block. She doesn't want to be known as a "one hit wonder" but the ideas just aren't coming. The money starts running out and Francesca is desperate to find a paying gig. She stumbles upon Chicky, an elderly woman who read Francesca's book and now wants her to write the story of her parents.

As Francesca listens to Chicky's tale she falls under the spell of Joe and Ellie's tale. As the story goes on Francesca starts learning some truths about herself and her family in only a way that can happen in a well written Chick Lit novel.

Looking For A Love Story was the first book of Louise Shaffer's that I have read & I thoroughly enjoyed her writing. The characters, especially Francesca, were fun and easy to like. Even the "story within a story" was enjoyable. I enjoyed it so much that I will look Louise Shaffer up at the library and see what else I can find!


Cheryl said...

Sounds like a good book. I loved your review. It was easy too read, not too much detail but enough aobut the book that it makes me want to read it. I love the cover too!

Wingnut said...

Loved it! I'm not surprised haven't led me astray yet! LOL! I recently read another book with a similar plot line (woman finds herself on the short end of a divorce, has to decide how she'll move forward). I think I read about it here "Secrets to Happiness". Anyway, I liked the character in "Looking for a Love Story" much better. She didn't whine so much. I found myself wanting to throttle Holly, the character from the other book.

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