Sunday, March 28, 2010

(54)Making Rounds with Oscar by David Dosa M.D.

Getting old is the one thing we can't escape. No matter how many vitamins we take or energy drinks we consume or how often we lie about our age, we are going to get old. Our physical and maybe even mental health will eventually deteriorate. It happens. And it happens to me, I would love to have a cat like Oscar curl up next to me.

In Making Rounds with Oscar we get to meet Oscar the cat. A permanent resident of Steere House Nursing home. Nurses have started noticing that Oscar only curls up to residents in the hours before they die. Then he will stay with them until they are taken to the funeral home. Dr. David Dosa is very skeptical of the claims until he starts seeing it for himself and in talking to family members of the recently deceased he realizes that Oscar truly is an extraordinary feline.

I really enjoyed Making Rounds with Oscar it was a very fast read. It was a bit depressing to read about the brutally real end of life situations, but at the same time, having Oscar there made it more of an uplifting experience for so many of the family members. Even though I am not really a cat person, I really hope that when my time comes there is an "Oscar" by my side to help my family deal with it all. The book is compassionately written and you can tell that the Good Doctor genuinely cares for the people in his care and their families. It is refreshing to read. Thank you, Dr. Dosa.


Diane said...

I loved this book a lot and was happy to read your positive thoughts as well.

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

I am not a cat person, but stories like this make me want to go get a cat.

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