Saturday, March 20, 2010

(47) Get Lucky by Katherine Center (on sale April 6)

A sister's relationship is something that is indescribable. They are often more than best friends. Because, like Katherine Center points out, there are times when even best friends come and go. But a sister, a sister is forever.

Katherine Center's new book, Get Lucky takes an intimate look at the bonds of sisterhood. Is there anything that can break that bond? Sarah Harper has agreed to give her sister, Mackie, the ultimate gift. She has agreed to be a surrogate for Mackie and her husband, Clive. Why not? Sarah has recently been fired from her high powered job in New York City. There is nowhere else that she would rather be than Houston. So Sarah finds herself pregnant with twins and living in the future nursery of the children she carries. What Sarah didn't expect was the hurricane of emotions that come with being a surrogate, especially for her sister.

Get Lucky was a fast, emotionally charged read. I was chuckling one second and wiping tears the next. The ups and downs of being a Sister were what this story was built on. And Katherine Center nailed it. From the unbelievable devotion to the frightening hints of jealousy to the sharing clothes and eating ice cream in bed. The relationship two sisters have, may be the most important relationship they ever have. I absolutely adored this book. Katherine Center has a gift when it comes to writing about human relationships and she certainly nailed it with Get Lucky.


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