Sunday, March 7, 2010

(37) Driving Sideways by Jess Riley

What a FUN book!! Driving Sideways is a fun, girl-power, road tripping, life is too short, Chick Lit book.

Leigh Fielding has one goal in life. Make it to her thirtieth birthday. And after her kidney transplant, she just might get her wish. Six months post op she is feeling good. Better than she has in ten years. And much to the dismay of her brother, Jess sets off on a cross country road trip. She wants to find their mother. Who left them when Leigh was just five years old. What ensues is worthy of the big screen.

Crazy hitchhikers, ex-boyfriends, HOT State Troopers and more add to the hi-jinx that Leigh encounters on her journey.

I loved how the author gets detailed about the locations that Lee & Denise pass through. I am very familiar with Mitchell, South Dakota and she described the Corn Palace to the T! It cracked me up. So reading about locations that I am familiar with was very fun. Plus, at the beginning of every chapter is a little snapshot of the area of the country they are traveling through. It was fun and unique.

I enjoyed Driving Sideways. It was a great debut novel and it would be the perfect book to read on a road trip! Or on a snowy afternoon when you WISH you were road tripping!


Anonymous said...

I'm finally getting to reading this book from my giant to-read pile (thanks to your blog) and so far I love it! Thanks for the great reviews :)

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