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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I finally ordered my nook. I have been jonesing for one ever since the information roll out when I was still employed. I was so confident in the nook's abilities, that I personally sold seven or eight nooks to customers. It may have been more, but frankly, in the rush of the holidays, wedding prep, and packing, I forgot.

We had other financial obligations (like a wedding & move to pay for) that forced me to delay my purchase of the nook. I was only able to order my nook this week. In fact, I ordered it Thursday morning. It arrived Friday afternoon. I was squealing like a little kid on Christmas morning. I was *thrilled*.

I immediately took it out of the box and started charging it. I let it charge for a few hours, then thought it was time to finally start playing with it. First step is to register your nook. ONLY way to do this is through your nook. Not online, not through customer service. Your nook only.

Well, sadly this is where I ran into major problems. I downloaded, then did the "drag & drop" of the new updates. It said it was connected to our WiFi, but I still could not connect to register.

Frustration ensued. I have very little patience for "new out of the box" stuff that is not working properly. So I called customer support. When an hour of being on hold passed, I was ready to call Steve Riggio himself & make him register this damn thing for me.

Finally Digital Support answered the phone. After some troubleshooting, we determined that it was our router. Our router is old & technically designed for DSL, not Cable, but my husband had done some tweaking to make it work. I "borrowed" a signal from the neighbor long enough to register and it took the registration on the first submit. Problem solved.

Today we are going to go buy a new router. But to warn you, there are 21 pages worth of registration problems on the nook boards. The posters there try to be helpful & some of their tricks worked for others, but unfortunately I had to sacrafice 90 minutes of my Friday night on hold with Digital Support.

This morning, everything is roses!! The books I downloaded are all there & I am itching to start reading. First, though, I must finish my current book. Dern hardcover books anyway. *grin*

Happy Reading.

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