Sunday, February 28, 2010

(29) One Good Dog by Susan Wilson

If you have known me for longer than five minutes then you know that I have a soft spot in my heart for our canine companions. Marley & Me is probably one of my favorite books and I have not come across a dog book that has tugged on my heartstrings since Marley & Me. Until now.

One Good Dog is about two creatures that have scraped the bottom of the barrel. Adam March did something supremely stupid and went from being a multimillionaire on the verge of becoming CEO to being a divorced, penniless man forced to work in a homeless shelter to complete his community service obligation. Chance is a pit bull that has escaped the pits of hell and was mistakenly rescued from death row. A case of mistaken identity. But once Adam rescued him, he was stuck with him. They are two creatures who have been beat up by life. Will they be able to help each other heal and become productive members of society? Or is it too late to teach an old dog new tricks?

I am about the only person on the planet that did not really like The Art of Racing In the Rain. Despite it's continued success, I stand by my "meh" review. One Good Dog, on the other hand, is a book I can recommend. The story is told in alternate voices. One chapter is Adam's point of view, the next chapter is Chance's. Put together, the chapters tell a poignant tale of redemption, love and loyalty. The story is well written without being cheesy or hokey. If you love dogs and you love a good redemption story, don't waste time finding One Good Dog. It arrives at bookstores on Tuesday, March 3.


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I remember the carefree summer days when I used to ride my bike to the public library to pick out new books. I would go almost daily to find books to read. I read to learn. I read to explore the world. I read to escape. I read because not reading is not an option.

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