Wednesday, February 10, 2010

(14) Deeper Than Dead by Tami Hoag

I think Tami Hoag is one of those authors that I have been reading forever. I think Lucky's Lady was the first book of hers that I read. I think I have read it a dozen times. Her books are books that I just don't miss. Some are better than others, but they all have the key components that make a book nice and juicy. Mystery, Suspense, and Steamy Sex scenes.

Deeper Than Dead fits the bill. Unlike some of her other novels, there is only one steamy sex scene, but it is steamy enough to burn up the pages. The mystery part of it is fabulous. Set in 1985, a serial killer is targeting the women of a sleepy little California town. Unable to solve the crime themselves, the local Police Department call in an innovative unit of the FBI. Profilers. Criminal Minds fans will LOVE this book.

Deeper Than Dead is a page turner that may keep you up all night. Either reading or with fear for what may be lurking in the dark. The story is graphic and violent, but it will be completely satisfying for those readers who love gritty mysteries.

I will say the story took a few twists and turns that were unexpected. I thought I had figured out who the bad guy was, because there are a few obvious bad guys walking the streets of Oak Knoll, but it is the ones that you least expect it. Well done, Ms. Hoag. Well done.


Wingnut said...

Charlotte, do you have to read Tami Hoag books in a certain order? Are they character driven so that it makes reading them in succession the better thing to do?

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

Not at all. She has two books that are "sequels". Ashes to Ashes & Dust to Dust. Other than that, they don't need to be read in any order.

A lot of them are set in the Minneapolis area. There may be "cameos" of characters from other books, but it is not essential to read them in any order.

Wingnut said...


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