Sunday, January 17, 2010

(4) The Secret of Everything by Barbara O'Neal

The Secret of Everything was a nice and charming book. Like her first book, Barbara O'Neal went with her "foodie" theme. And just like her first book, I was swept up in the good story and good food.

Tessa Harlow is on a scouting mission for her job. She leads tours to quaint towns that will allow her clients to enjoy the local cuisine then hike the local trails to work it all off. She is a bit beat up, both emotionally and physically, from her last tour when she lands in Las Ladranos, New Mexico. Not only is she looking for her next tour, but she is looking for a place to heal.

While in town Tessa meets Vince and his three daughters. And even though she is not looking for attachments, Tessa finds herself becoming awfully attached to Vince and his daughters. The picturesque town seems to be invoking memories that Tessa had buried so deep she had forgotten she had them, sparking questions that she is not sure she wants to know the answers to.

If he can get through the romantic girly part of this story, my friend, Greg, would love this book. The pages are littered with yummy recipes. The concept of food/hiking tours mixed with an eight year old foodie, would be right up his alley.

Like I said, The Secret of Everything is charming. The writing is enchanting, the scenery is captivating, and the recipes are tantalizing. Definitely a good read.


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