Tuesday, August 4, 2009

(65) Benny & Shrimp by Katarina Mazetti

Loneliness can be the worst thing in the world. I know from experience that days can go by before you talk to another living soul. It can be soul crushing.

Loneliness is the motivation behind the meeting of Benny & Shrimp. They first lay eyes on each other at the cemetery. Shrimp, known to the rest of the world as Desiree, is there visiting her late husband and Benny is there visiting his parents. Two thirty-somethings alone in the world.

Several visits go by before Benny breaks the ice. Soon, the farmer and the librarian start a relationship where the only thing they have in common is the loneliness that darkens their world. Can a relationship survive and thrive when they have nothing in common?

Benny & Shrimp is a touching little novel. It is set in Europe, yet the message of loneliness, love and acceptance is universal. Reading about the struggles of these two human beings is so heartwarming. I found myself becoming emotionally invested in the happiness of these two people. Having recently reconnected with my own "Benny", I want to see everyone, fictional or otherwise, have the same "happy ever after" ending that I have been blessed with.

Benny & Shrimp is a little novel, barely 200 pages. But the story of Benny & Shrimp will make a huge impact on your heart.


Diane said...

I thought this was a fun read too. Great review.

Lisa said...

that's one I want to read as well. Glad to know it was a good read.

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