Friday, July 24, 2009

(62) Best of Times by Penny Vincenzi

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

I do. And apparently so does Penny Vincenzi.

In her new book The Best of Times she writes about a group of people that were at the same place at the same time . They all lived through the terrifying crash on the M4. Each experienced the crash a little differently, but the tragic crash forever connected this group of people.

Ms Vincenzi has written an all encompassing epic novel. It is so detailed and so, well, REAL, that when their lives start overlapping , you can understand why. There is the doctor and his mistress that, while they escaped unscathed, their lives were forever changed by the events that happened that day. There is the semi-truck driver who is desperately trying to make it home in time for a family party. Did he push himself into causing the accident that killed three & injured many? There is the farmer who witnessed the accident and did all he could to help those on the freeway. But was it enough? There is also the doctor who was on duty in the ER that fateful day.

These people are just a few of the people whose lives will forever be changed by what happened on the M4 that fateful day. Will they be able to work through the mental trauma caused by the accident as well as the physical trauma?

The Best of Times is such a well written book. It truly takes you inside the lives of these people. None of these people would likely have crossed each others paths if it were not for this accident. Good, bad, or otherwise, I believe everything happens for a reason. And books like this only reinforces my belief.


Jen said...

Thanks for reviewing this! I finished An Absolute Scandal a while ago, and the reviews weren't so hot... but I loved it! Adding her latest to my "to read" list!

lovemyspy said...

I just had put this on my wish list and I saw you were reading it! Thanks I can't wait for it now!

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