Saturday, July 4, 2009

(57) Building A Home With My Husband by Rachel Simon

I picked this book because the subject matter revolves around my new obsession. Home Renovation. Or better yet, HGTV. I have read books before about the housing industry that I found to be so interesting, especially House Lust. I was looking forward to reading a book about a couple's relationship as they embark on a fairly large, especially expensive renovation.

What I found was not just a book about home renovation, but a book about a woman whose whole perception of love goes through a renovation, just like her home is.

Where I identified with Rachel Simon was the fact that she married her husband after they had been "broken up" for six years. I am back together with an ex-boyfriend after we had been apart for almost three years. And like Rachel & Hal, we started off as friends this go-around. For me, it was nice to read of their success story. But even after being married for a couple of years, it is clear that neither Rachel, nor Hal, have all the answers to relationships and marriage.

Hal is an architect & is spearheading the renovation on their historical Wilmington, Delaware Row home. He has designed a house that, when completed will meet their every need. Plenty of light, plenty of space, and most importantly, plenty of closets. But it is difficult for Rachel to give it all over to Hal. She is far from enthusiastic at the thought of moving into a rental during the reno. If she is disappointed in the little hiccups that happen along the way, she is downright distraught when their home essentially explodes and sets the whole project back months. And thousands of dollars.

During the process she learns a lot about herself. And how she interacts with not only Hal, but Dan, their Contractor. And how she interacts with her dysfunctional family. Soon Rachel realizes that she is just not in the process of renovating her home, but her heart as well.

Building A Home With My Husband is a well written memoir. It is a nice blend of HGTV and Lifetime television. Although, I would have loved to see Before & After pictures. How cruel is it to write a book about home renovation and not include Before & After pictures?

If you can forgive that minor oversight, you will find Building A Home With My Husband to be one woman's insightful look at unconditional love, and how hard it is to give and receive it.


Mandie said...

Just found your blog today from 2ps! I love that you are trying to read a book a day. I set a goal of 50 for the year and Im halfway there. Love a good book! :)

Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy) said...

Great review (and great blog!) I linked to yours on my review of this ... hope you don't mind. :)

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