Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This is exactly why I was afraid of introducing "Weekly Series" to my blog. I was afraid I would flake on it & sure enough. Life got in the way. I have had this post in "edit" mode for two weeks and now I am finally finishing it up.

Let me introduce you to Goodreads . Goodreads is another social networking site for Book Lovers. The major difference between Goodreads & Library Thing is that Goodreads is free! Because it is free, there are a lot more members and even a lot more authors that frequent the site. Unfortunately, the downside of "free" is that you have to deal with Google Ads, which, as we all know can be annoying.

Like other social networking sites, you can add "friends" , you can update your status, you can join groups, and you can create your own library. Because of the "free" status, I admit that my library on Goodreads is much larger than any other site that I use. My library not only includes books that I have read, but books sitting on my "To Be Read" pile. Currently there are 143 "To Read" books in my library, but I assure you there are hundreds more. And they truly are books that I have in my "book room" piled high, waiting for me to read.

Anyway, back to the site, one of my favorite things about Goodreads is that you can "follow" your favorite authors. Some authors are a little more faithful about updating and posting than others, but either way, the opportunity to stalk authors is never a bad thing in my book. *grin*. I also enjoy being able to peek at THEIR libraries. To see what they are currently reading, have read, or want to read. When it comes right down to it authors are bibliophiles, just like the rest of us.

Another fun feature of Goodreads is the Never-Ending Book Quiz. It is exactly as it sounds. A never-ending multiple choice quiz. I *thought* I knew literature and general book knowledge, but after spending hours on end playing the quiz, I realized how wrong I was. *grin* The Never-Ending Quiz is member generated. The questions come from members so there are varying degree of difficulties. A GREAT feature of the game is that if you have found a nemesis in knowledge you can choose to ignore that users questions.

Overall, Goodreads is a great site for what it has to offer. If you can get past the ads, Goodreads is a the perfect place to hang out. My user name on Goodreads is Charlotte Garnatz. Please feel free to add me! I look forward to "hanging out" with you and checking out your libraries.


Brandie said...

I love Goodreads. I'm totally addicted to it.

I just requested you as a friend! I would love to see all the books on your list and get some ideas from you! I have gotten so many great ideas from your blog!

Anonymous said...

I love Goodreads! I never noticed the ads-I wonder if my Firefox is blocking them for me?

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

You are lucky if the ads are blocked!

Brandie, I just accepted you! And it looks like I have some work to do to keep up with you!

Mimi said...

I've so far resisted Goodreads, but I should join.

lovemyspy said...

I like Goodreads. Along with that website and your blog, I have plenty to read!

Lisa Mandina said...

You know I love goodreads too, and I kind of got off track with it when my school got the new blocking software, but now that I have my iPhone I can look at it anytime!

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