Sunday, May 24, 2009

(42) The Last Child by John Hart

I absolutely LOVE a good mystery. I love it when an author can pull one over on me. John Hart has done it two me twice now. First with Down River which won the Edgar Award for Best Novel and right now, can be found in the bargain section at your local B&N. And now with The Last Child. I thought I had it figured out and I did, kinda. But there was that twist that surprised me at the end.

Thirteen year-old Johnny Merrimon has had a rough year. A year ago his twin sister, Alyssa went missing. His small town was turned upside down with no results. Not too long after that his father ran off. Leaving him & his mother vulnerable to the town bully, and her ex-boyfriend. After a year, the police have all but given up. Johnny has not. He has taken to the streets and has started his own door to door campaign. Determined to find his sister. While his mother is drugged up and out of her mind with grief, Johnny has free reign to search for his sister. Detective Clyde Hunt has other ideas though. He is drawn to Johnny's mother and his own guilt over not finding Alyssa eats away at him. He keeps a close eye on Johnny and hopes to keep the kid out of trouble.

Then another girl goes missing. And the body count keeps rising. Johnny Merrimon is at the heart of it.

The Last Child is not a fluff mystery book. It is dark and chilling and it will haunt your dreams if you let it. Missing children, drug abuse, child abuse, bad kids, and even scarier men. The book is fast paced & frightening. You will not be able to put the book down!


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