Monday, May 11, 2009

(38) Face of Betrayal by Lis Wiehl

There is nothing like a good mystery.

So often when I read a mystery I have the "whodunit" figured out and just stick with the book to find out if I was right.

Well, that was the case with Face Of Betrayal. I guessed who it was fairly early in the novel, but I wasn't sure if I was right. The author did an excellent job of keeping me guessing.

Face of Betrayal is the debut novel of The Triple Threat club. Three women who reunited at a high school reunion & discovered that they all have something in common. Their work revolves around the crime industry. Nicole is an FBI agent specializing in cyber crimes. Allison is a prosecuting attorney. And Cassidy is a news reporter for a Portland TV station. The three women meet & discuss their lives over dinner & dessert. Which is where the Triple Threat Club got their name, from their favorite dessert.

Right now all three of them are focused on Katie Converse. A seventeen year old intern who is home for the Christmas break. Katie went never returned home after walking the dog one evening. As the three women separately dig a little deeper, Katie's blog reveals some inappropriate connections to a very powerful man.

Did Katie run away? Did she kill herself? Is the Senator hiding her or did the Senator kill her? Or was it his wife? The woman who has looked the other way for a very long time?

Each chapter is told in the alternating viewpoints of Allison, Cassidy, & Nic. Each of the three women are at different places in their lives & their careers. And each woman looks at the crime from different angles. THAT is what keeps this book interesting, long after you figure out "Whodunit".

Face of Betrayal is a well written suspense thriller. The author has done her research and it shows in the little details. The book is a fast paced read. But it leaves you wanting more. I am already looking forward to book two of The Triple Threat series.


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