Wednesday, April 22, 2009

(33) The Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick

Make no mistake. A Reliable Wife is a gothic romance novel disguised as contemporary fiction. But this gothic romance is a book you will not to be able to put down.

Catherine Land has answered an ad in the paper for a wife. Ralph Truitt is a wealthy business man that lives in the wilds of Wisconsin. The year is 1907. Mr. Truitt has lived twenty years without another human to love. His housekeeper & her husband are often times the only interaction he has with anything living.

Catherine Land has responded to the advirtisement. She has told Mr. Truitt that she is the daughter of a Missionary man, plain & looking for someone to take care of as she ages. But she has not been honest. And it isn't until much later in the book you realize the depth of her deception.

It is hard to go into great detail about the plot without giving away it's secrets. And the secrets start spilling out about halfway through the book. And the secrets send everything spinning out of control. Will Catherine be able to live with herself he she continues down her deceptive path? Will Ralph Truitt ever be able to forgiver her? Or himself?

A Reliable Wife is fabulously dark & twisted gothic romance. The secrets that haunt both Catherine and Ralph give the book a Thirteenth Tale or Rebecca kind of feel. The story gets in your heart & you can't help but ache for Ralph & Catherine. All they want is to have a happy ending, but as the author states towards the end of the book,

It was just a story about despair


You are not going to find a happy, feel good story within the pages of The Reliable Wife, but it is a story that you will devour and not be able to put down. Sometimes, those are the best books of all.


Mimi said...

Wow that looks good, thanks!

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