Tuesday, February 24, 2009

(19)Everyone is Beautiful by Katherine Center

As a single woman with no kids, there is a part of me that always think that married women have it better than me. Kind of a "the grass is always greener" type of feeling.

Well, guess what. Everyone is Beautiful will certainly dispell that myth. Marriage is hard. Motherhood is messy. Days go by when the only kiss you get from your husband is when he kisses you good-bye on his way to work.

Lanie & Peter met in college. Their story was a romantic one, but it went the wayside of many other romantic love stories. In quick succession they had three children, all boys. Peter is accepted into a special music school half way across the country from their family. So, there is Lanie. 33 years old. Living in student housing with three young boys. The lady down stairs is a mean witch. The extra weight from Baby Sam is still hanging around like a pet. And her young landlord just saw her naked. She has no friends & is grossly unhappy.

Oh yeah, motherhood & marriage is the glamorous life.

And then something changes. Lanie makes a friend, she joins the gym, and she starts to take photography classes at the extention center. Suddenly life is starting to look up. But what about her relationship with Peter? Can they find their way through the dirty diapers & sick kids to continue their romantic story before it is too late?

Everyone is Beautiful was a satisfying book to read. The main character knew her life was falling apart & she took great steps to stop the bleeding. I always enjoy a strong character, one who doesn't just sit back & wait for life to happen to her. She makes it happen for her. We all, single & married women alike, could learn a little something from Lanie.


The Empty Envelope said...

This sounds really interesting!

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