Monday, January 12, 2009

(5) The Lost Recipe of Happiness by Barbara O'Neal

The Lost Recipe for Happiness is the newest Bantam Discovery book. I have yet to be disappointed by one of their recommendations and I was very glad to see that this book lives up to their standards.
Elena Alvarez has had a very rough life. A life destroying accident changed her life in ways that still resonate twenty years later. She started the healing process nearly twenty years ago by learning to cook. And here she is, all these years later, still trying to heal her heart, body & mind from the tragedy that has defined her.
She has roamed the world trying to escape the ghosts of her past & just exist in the male dominated kitchens of the country's top restaurants.
After being fired from her Sous Chef job by her ex-lover, Elena is a bit unsettled about what will come next. Until the owner of the restaurant offers her the job she has been working for all of her career. He is offering the Executive Chef position in his new restaurant in Aspen.
Elena packs up her beloved dog, Alvin, and they head to Aspen. Elena has many challenges to overcome to make the restaurant a success. An alcoholic chef, a wayward Pastry Chef, immigration issues, her growing attraction for the movie star owner, and of course the protests of her own mangled body. Can Elena find the happiness that has escaped her for most of her life?
Barbara O'Neal has written such a great book. The story itself is wonderful. While heart wrenching at some points & uplifting in others, the fabulous recipes distributed before each chapter will leave your mouth watering & hungry for more.


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Lisa Mandina said...

This does sound pretty good.

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